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Law Students

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    Lawyer Studies


    1. A landmark study reveals substantial and widespread levels of problem drinking and other behavioral health problems in the US legal profession.

    2. The Path to Lawyer Well-Being: Practical Recommendations for Positive Change, aimed at addressing the problem of substance use and mental health disorders of lawyers.



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    Videos, Podcasts

    1. The Besden Redemption: A remarkable story of a lawyer's crippling addiction, and ultimately, redemption.

    2. Voices of Recovery:  Podcasts about Lawyer Recovery, a new episode every two weeks

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Latest News & Updates

NJLAP Lawyer Well Being ENewsletter

The fall edition of "Balance," NJLAP's e-newsletter is out. The theme for this issue is "How Can I Help You? and why those words may be troubling."  Click on the link above to read the current issue.


NJLAP Upcoming Events & Presentations


Difficult Clients & Adversaries — Conflict is a part of life and lawyers must learn how to handle people who seemingly thrive on making life difficult for others. Understanding what drives difficult people and how to best react to outbursts, threats and intimidation, is an essential skill for any lawyer.


Law Students - 'Tis the Season for Exams!

It's as though the holidays are the prize for making it past the gauntlet of reading periods, exams and grades. Understandably a stressful time for all. But what if you could make stress work to your benefit? You can, actually. Cognitive psychologists call it "reframing" or "cognitive appraisal" and Stanford Health Psychologist Kelly McGonigal talks about making stress your friend. Click on the link above to go to our Law Students page, and scroll down to 'This the season for exams! in our articles and links list.


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Confidentiality is assured

The security of NJLAP's clients is assured by NJ Supreme Court Rule.

Depression, Stress, Anxiety

When it comes to stress, whether you think it is harmful or helpful, you are right.

Alcohol and substance use

Substance use risk factors for attorney, recent study results.

Your law career

Solo and small practice issues, benefits of volunteering, NJLAP's networking group


NJLAP and APTPG, ways to reach out for help.

Senior attorneys

The process of closing a practice, succession planning, memory loss.

Groups, events
LCL Meetings

Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers (LCL) are statewide self-help groups for attorneys.

Networkers Without Borders

Networking group for attorneys, judges, law students and other attorneys in transition.

Men's Special LAP

NJLAP's long-standing, monthly support group for male attorneys with depression.

NJLAP Women's Group

Combines support group for women in recovery and other issues.

LGBT LCL Meetings

LCL-based meetings for LGBTQ attorneys.

Presentations, Events

Dates and times of upcoming CLE presentations and other events.