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A Brief History of WAPC

In 1994 the newly formed New Jersey Lawyers Assistance Program (NJLAP) created the Women Attorney Peer Counselor (WAPC) group as a specialized program of female attorneys reaching out and helping other women attorneys experiencing difficulties with substance abuse and other issues. Since that time, it evolved into a monthly support group for female attorneys, judges, law students and law school graduates in recovery. Within the last several years, the group expanded its focus to include mental health issues encompassing depression and anxiety, to the same groups of women.


Supporting Wellness for All Women Attorneys – Quarterly Events

Recognizing that women attorneys experience other stressors that affect their personal and professional lives, WAPC is now expanding its reach to include a variety of other issues including maintaining wellness and well being, professional challenges unique to women attorneys, progressing in a still-male-dominated profession, home/work balance, the “sandwich” generation issues, etc. Starting in 2020, NJLAP will sponsor four free evening seminars, each one addressing issues specific to female attorneys.  These seminars will occur quarterly (January, April, July, and October) at the Law Center in New Brunswick. For more information about this January 2020 seminar go to our Seminar Information and Registration Page.


What about the WAPC meetings?

The format of the WAPC monthly meetings will remain the same and will continue to provide the assurance of a confidential setting, with a free breakfast meeting. NJLAP staff will continue to personally interview any interested newcomer to this group prior to extending an invitation to participate. These monthly meetings will occur in between the quarterly seminars and offer guest speakers expanding on the topic presented at the preceding quarterly seminar. The usual one hour of private, confidential sharing will continue to be provided after the speaker presentation. Anita McLean, Ph.D., will speak at the February meeting and will expand on the topics covered at the January seminar mentioned above.


Your questions and comments are most welcomed. Our confidential line remains the same: 800-246-5527.  We look forward to seeing you at these exciting events.


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