We help lawyers.

Life is full of triumphs and trials, big moments and small, and the occasional bump in the road that can feel almost insurmountable. Sometimes, all that is needed is a conversation, a little guidance and support. Sometimes, more. NJLAP will help define the challenge, recommend resources and provide encouragement along your journey back to your best self and your best life. Stress, alcohol/drugs, anxiety, career concerns, gambling, depression — whatever the problem, you need not face it alone.


We help lawyers.

It’s confidential and free to ANY New Jersey attorney.  

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A young man, in profile, looks down at his cell phone. The caption reads: You may never need to call, but someone you know will. There is an outline of the state of New Jersey containing NJALP's phone number 800-246-5527

The purpose of the New Jersey Lawyers Assistance Program (NJLAP) is to provide free and confidential assistance to attorneys, members of the judiciary, law students, and law graduates with alcohol, drug, gambling, emotional, behavioral and other personal problems that affect well-being and professional performance.


The New Jersey Lawyers Assistance Program is provided free to

all NJ Judges, Lawyers, Law Students and Law Graduates,

through a small assessment paid yearly by every member of the NJ Bar.