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Are You Healthy & Happy?

Or, Are You Just Treading Water?

A diverse group of law students sitting under trees, holding laptops and smiling.

Law School tests you in many ways:

  • • The challenging workload
  • • A competitive atmosphere
  • • Mounting financial concerns
  • • Fear of failure and/or fear of success
  • • The job search and career path

Ever find yourself:

  • • Concerned about the Character and Fitness part of your bar application?
  • • Too tired or stressed to keep up?
  • • With sleep or concentration problems?
  • • Using stimulants to study?
  • • Seeking a healthy balance?


You are not alone, we can help. We are here for law students.


We Can:

  • • Connect you with one of our skilled staff to talk about your unique concerns.
  • • Provide guidance about the Character & Fitness portion of your Bar Application.
  • • Support and encourage your healthy coping skills and problem solving techniques.
  • • Offer information on community resources and local support groups.
  • • Listen.

You are invited to contact us at: [email protected] or by calling 800-246-5527

Your confidentiality is assured by NJ Supreme Court Rule 1:28B-3  as well as Federal Regulation 42 CFR - Part 2.


Articles and Links
A special edition of the ABA's "Highlights"
•The people most disappointed with law school and the legal profession are those that decide to become a lawyer based on loving legal television shows. The second most disappointed group are those who believe they will be arguing before the Supreme Court to save the world from their preferred form of injustice within three weeks of passing the bar.

The reality is that the legal life has highs and lows, just like any other profession. The following is some advice, and some things that are really just warnings, hopefully, to make the life of young lawyers easier, or at least less surprising.

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The following are an article and podcast that discuss this idea and interview Dr. McGonigal. Just a heads up, the article refers to "kids." We know, you are no longer kids. But the premise applies to all ages, and therefore too important not to share.

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•Today’s law students may be more open about discussing their mental health issues than previous generations, but law schools still draw many Type A individuals, frequently on a never-ending quest for perfection.

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•This issue of Student Lawyer is dedicated to the idea of wellness—the proper balance of mental, physical, and emotional health. In this issue of Student Lawyer, we’ll tell you how you can evaluate your stress level and get help you may need, get access to strategies and tools to help deal with the pressure of law school, and help you take the first steps toward staying healthy.