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topic: Lawyer Well-Being

In This Together

Since 2016 the ABA and the ABA Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs has heightened focus on Lawyer Well-Being. Often neglected in general “wellness” programs, “well-being” represents not only mental and emotional health, but life satisfaction, purpose, and fulfillment.

This presentation explores some of the elements that boost well-being, including Zen and how to incorporate it, as well as a review of habits and practices recommended in the ABA activities workbook published in The Lawyer Well-Being Toolkit for Lawyers and Law Firms.

topic: Compassion Fatigue

Compassion Fatigue in Law School & Beyond: The Lawyer As Caregiver

This one-hour program describes Compassion Fatigue and how it can afflict both law students and lawyers, as well as what it means to be a “caregiver.”

We’ll discuss:
What is Compassion Fatigue? (CF)
Symptoms & Warning Signs
Lawyers are Caregivers
Caregivers in Family Situations
Why Lawyers Suffer From CF
Possible Long-Range Consequences
Treatment & Ways to Mitigate
Where To Get Help

topic: Lawyer Well-Being

Setting Yourself Up for Success

Attorney well-being & its part in the duty to provide competent representation, especially in challenging times

This is NJLAP’s portion of a larger program, presented with the OAE, and covers:


  •  a brief history of the American Bar Association’s landmark study looking at substance abuse and mental health issues in the legal profession
  • discussion of four of the six areas covered in the ABA study
  • work environment
  • social, physical and mental health
  • recommendations for ways to cope with the pressures and anxiety of working in a firm,
  • especially since onset of Covid and isolation that ensued
  • changing the law firm culture of billable hours

topic: Retirement from Lawyering

Gearing Up to Wind Down: Retirement Reinvention

This program discusses four areas to consider when contemplating retirement from practice:

topic: Lawyer Neurodiversity

ADHD: Brain Chemistry, Medications, & Treatment Alternatives

This program reviews Attention Deficit Hyperacivity Disorder (ADHD) focusing on:

  • commonality in children and adults
  • necessity for accurate diagnosis
  • brain chemistry involved in ADHD including description of neurons, synapses, receptor sites, neurotransmitters, Dopamine and Norepinephrine
  • the most commonly prescribed medications & effects of medications on neural activity
  • dangers associated with medications including addiction and dependence
  • illicit use of Adderall among law students and lawyers
  • alternate treatment methods including counseling, organizational tips, self care; organizations that offer help