Text superimposed over a watercolor painting of the state of New Jersey. No time to click on another link and read another article, no matter how good it might be?  NJLAP hears you –  and now you can hear us!     Stay tuned for our upcoming podcast, featuring highlights of past issues of Balance!
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Here is our first podcast episode of Balance, from issue #60 – September Is National Recovery Month. Take a 5 minute break to hear how NJLAP helped in one person’s recovery story. Future podcasts will be posted here.

Episode 2 Balance#61 – October 2022 The Halloween Issue, featuring How Stephen King Helps You Become a Better Lawyer, and an article by Lawyer/Horror Writer NA Battagila

The Path to Law Student Well Being Series

Voices of Recovery Series

What a Lawyers Assistance Program Can Do For You

Well Being Podcasts from Lawyers Assistance around the country, and others, at the CoLap Cafe


The Helping Hand of Lawyers Assistance Programs

Fighting Stigma

The Besden Redemption

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