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NJLAP offers senior members of the profession free and confidential counseling

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NJLAP is here to provide NJ senior attorneys with information about end of legal career opportunities; succession planning; regulatory issues; transitioning out of practice with dignity; lifestyle modification; and mental health and addiction issues. We are available to discuss services related to concerns about cognitive impairment in self and/or colleagues in a sensitive and dignified way.


Articles & Links
Many attorneys reach their senior years with questions about what to do if they faced health problems that might affect how long they can work. They may be thinking of closing their practices or how to handle business if they were to suddenly pass away.

This Senior Lawyers Ethics Resources page is a collection of resources addressing attorney professional responsibility issues that arise in connection with retirement, disability, and death of attorneys. The resources include rules, advisory ethics opinions, articles, publications, and MCLE programs. Most of the links to these resources are internal links to other State Bar pages. Some are external links to local or out-of-state bar association and other websites.


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