Gambling Issues

NJLAP helped create the Association of Professionals Treating Problem Gambling (APTPG), the only group supporting clinicians specializing in help for compulsive gamblers
The mission statement of APTPG:
We are mental health professionals joined to advance the most effective means
to identify and to treat problem and pathological gambling while providing common voice for our colleagues.


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Prior to the formation of APTPG, NJLAP recognized the critical need to address gambling issues among attorneys. The first New Jersey Symposium on Treatment of Compulsive Gambling was organized by NJLAP staff and met at the Law Center on February 24, 1996.

The distinguished invitees to this Symposium were some of the most skilled and experienced compulsive gambling treatment providers both in and out of state. The purpose of this gathering was expressed in the words of the then-Director of NJLAP, William John Kane as “…a review of the ‘State of the Art’ of gambling treatment. After that first meeting and several Symposia thereafter, the Association was incorporated on March 18, 1997. Eighteen professionals serve as original charter members including two members of NJLAP staff.

APTPG serves not only as a cutting-edge treatment model for gambling and other addictions, but also as the first line of treatment referrals for attorneys with gambling problems.

NJLAP is here to assist any NJ attorney with gambling concerns. Compulsive gambling is a progressive behavioral disorder characterized by an uncontrollable preoccupation and need to gamble. It disrupts and devastates a gambler personally and professionally. Families and career may be ruined. Today we know that gambling problems are thoroughly treatable. NJLAP guides the gambler to effective help with essential follow-up support.”

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