Mission & Vision

a black and white photo showing a large number of people in silhouette


The New Jersey Lawyers Assistance Program is

the free and confidential resource assisting all

NJ Lawyers, Judges, Law Students, and Law Graduates

achieve and maintain personal and professional well-being.


Never again will a New Jersey Lawyer,

Judge, or Law Student have to say,

“There Was Nowhere to Turn.

You may never have to call, but someone you know will.

NJLAP's logo, the state of New Jersey in watercolor, and "30 years of supporting Lawyer, Judge, Law Student and Law Graduate Well-Being.History of current the NJLAP Logo

Created in 2018, our logo not only displays “Jersey Pride” in supporting the well-being of NJ lawyers, Judges, Law Students, and Law Graduates, the watercolor map is symbolic of the vibrant diversity of our state.

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