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The New Jersey Lawyers Assistance Program is a confidential, free, and independent program assisting attorneys, judges, law students, and law graduates with substance use and mental health issues affecting personal and professional well-being. The program offers assessments, referrals to substance use disorder and mental health resources if necessary, and ongoing support.

As part of the vision to help attorneys achieve and maintain well-being, NJLAP delivers prevention and educational programs throughout the state. NJLAP maintains an active social media presence, sharing news, updates and health-related information of special interest to attorneys. A quarterly newsletter focuses on “Balance” and its importance.

In addition, NJLAP assists NJ Bar Candidates who choose NJLAP as their provider for an evaluation requested by the NJ Character and Fitness Committee.

NJLAP facilitates several support groups and is associated with Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers (LCL) meetings. NJLAP also helped establish the Association of Professionals for the Treatment of Problem Gambling (APTPG.)

NJLAP has no reporting relationships with the NJ OAE, bar associations, or any entity or tribunal. Funding is providing by a minimal assessment on all lawyer license renewal fees.

The Importance of Lawyer Assistance Programs

No matter what the problem, you need not manage alone.
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