NJ Supreme Court Rule on NJLAP Confidentiality

A stylized photo of a column.The New Jersey Supreme Court, in its approval of the New Jersey Lawyers Assistance Program, assured utmost confidentiality by adoption of Rule 1:28B-3 as follows:

 1:28B-3. Confidentiality. The records, documents, and meetings of LAP and the Board of Trustees are confidential, with the following exceptions:

 (a) Annual audit reports;

 (b) Annual reports of the Board of Trustees to the Supreme Court;

 (c) Quarterly reports to the Board of Trustees from the LAP Director; and

 (d) All materials relating to the budget process that do not identify clients of the program or otherwise disclose information that would compromise the confidentiality of the program as detailed in regulations adopted by the Board of Trustees and approved by the Supreme Court.

 In no event, however, shall the identity of program clients be disclosed in the above reports.

Note: Adopted July 15, 1999, to be effective September 1, 1999.
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